Sync your LinkedIn profile with these 3 steps!

Jun 24, 2020

Now it is possible to synchronize your profile here with your LinkedIn profile. This way other it's easier for other Nyenrodians to find you.

What happpens when you sync your profile?

When you sync your LinkedIn profile, this platform can sync the following details:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Last Name
  • Profile picture

How do I sync my profile with LinkedIn?

1. When you are logged in on the platform, click on the circle with the first letter of your name on it or -if you have already uploaded a picture-, your picture. Then click on 'My profile'.

2. Then you will find your profile and on the right side of the bigger profile picture or profile letters a blue LinkedIn button saying 'Update from LinkedIn'. Click on this button and a request to login to your LinkedIn account will pop up.

3. When you logged into your LinkedIn account you can decide which data you want to sync. When you made the selection you can click on 'Import selected data' at the end of the page.

Your data is now synchronized!


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