Monday, August 31, saw the opening of the Academic Year at Nyenrode Business University. This time, I watched it from behind my laptop.  I watched it with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I felt it was a great loss not being able to see and speak to each other live. On the other hand, I felt it was a great solution that I could  follow the speeches online as I had to go back to work that day, had several appointments and could not make it to attend the event.

I heard that many people have such mixed feelings. On many occasions, we miss personal contacts with others, the sparring and catching up after a weekend. At the same time, we are appreciating advantages like less travel time. In my work, I experience the pros and cons of the crazy times we still live in on a daily basis. I notice that the mental part of the Corona era receives a lot of attention. Many people are concerned that the distance to work will lead to more psychological issues and failure. And as a manager, how to deal with this? How to keep your team motivated when working from home? All these questions are essential in this time of crisis and I believe that this is something that we, as Nyenrodeans especially, could take up as a new challenge. Do you have experiences and useful tips or tools? Please, share with us.  We will collect all contributions and share them on our platform.

Likewise, for us as an association it was a bit of a search as well. Fortunately, the annual golf day could go ahead and took place this year at The Dutch. It was an enormously successful event once again with rave reviews from participants.

In the coming period, we will have some great events on the agenda again. I would like to pay special attention to the start of our Mentoring Program for graduate BSc. students. How wonderful it is that as alumni we can coach young graduates and help them on their way. This applies to other target groups too, for example at the Career Energize day. This day is meant for alumni who wish to take a next step in his or her career or development direction. It is the third edition already and people´s reactions to previous editions were laudatory. For those who are in a start-up or scale-up phase and are looking for funding, the “Investing in ScaleUps” event on September 15 is highly recommended. Pitch your plan and find an investor for your organization.

Finally, I would like to introduce our new Community Manager to you: Hester van Beeck Calkoen. We are incredibly happy that she will join us toward the end of September. She will introduce herself to you in the next newsletter. With the arrival of Hester, our team at our Alumni Office is complete and they will start this new academic year energetically, to be of added value for all alumni.

Van Verre,

Corina Blokland
Vice President


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