Andy Warhol at Nyenrode

Art Fund Nyenrode has been able, notwithstanding covid-19 restrictions, to mount its 15th exhibition in September, albeit half a year later than originally planned. However, a well-attended official opening has not been possible and visiting options are limited.

This exhibition features the highlights of alumnus Lex Harding’s PopArt collection. Thirty-three spectacular silkscreens grace the walls on the ground and first floor of the Dr. Albert Heijn building at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

Marilyn Monroe and Queen Beatrix are obviously there in full glory, as are several Mick Jaggers, Mao and Lenin, as well as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda, just to mention a few.

Art Fund Nyenrode managed yet again to organise an impressive exhibition at Nyenrode, to underline its motto ‘Nyenrode and Art belong together’. Visits in small corona-proof groups are possible, but only at the invitation of Art Fund Nyenrode.

An 88 page full colour catalogue is available online; to order please transfer € 17.50 (including postage in the Netherlands) to NL21 RABO 0305 97 15 30 of Stichting Art Fund Nyenrode, specifying Warhol catalogue + your surface mail address.

In view of the limited print run, this catalogue is for the time being only available for members of the Nyenrode community.

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