A message from the Chairman Heeren V: Olivier Valks

Nyenrodeans are always there for each other

Some things on campus have remained unchanged for years. Sharing a room, the music that always sounds somewhere and doors that are always open to everyone. This year, however, one theme has brought about enormous changes, both globally and on campus: Corona. And that is what makes life on campus different.

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To give you a picture: on Mondays and Fridays, we usually go for a beer with fellow students in the bars. Now, this is possible only in one`s room. Normally, we play rugby on Wednesday and go rowing on Thursday. Now, the only thing we can do is run and go to the gym. Normally, students who had just arrived at Nyenrode already had had an introductory period. Now, they probably never will have one.

In short, everything is different. Times have changed and so has life on campus. And now that we are facing winter, the sun appears less and less, and national measures are getting tougher and tougher, we could throw in the towel, because campus is not like it used to be.

But we don't. As Nyenrodeans, we just don't, because you know that on campus, even in these incredibly difficult times, there is always a room somewhere, where the atmosphere is good, where you can have a good time with fellow Nyenrodeans (at one and a half meters distance, of course). Because one thing has not changed, even with a global pandemic: the behavior of us Nyenrodeans. We seek each other out (in whatever way), we talk to each other and we care about each other. And even a global pandemic could not change that.

On behalf of the LXXVe Collegie der Heeren Vijf,


Van Verre!

Olivier Valks

Chairman LXXVe Collegie der Heeren Vijf

Addition of the editors: a Q&A took place with stakeholders and candidates for the new Heeren V

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