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Nyenrode Alumni VCV in times of Corona

As everyone will experience personally, everywhere in the world except Sweden, everything is different. We need to organize our social life differently now that bars and restaurants are is closed and we are being asked not to go out too much. And if you would want to at all, for example to take the kids to the zoo for a day out, you would have to make reservations because visitor numbers are limited. Not being allowed to shake hands, not being able to give your friends or good colleague a pat on the back and keeping a distance of 1.5 meters: it has its challenges. To be honest, I do not think I will ever get used to it...

Business is different now, too. Working from home where possible is the adage. Business appointments, lunches, meetings, training courses and congresses: none of them are possible, unless in an adapted form. Unfortunately, this also applies to the meetings of our circles. But, as Charles Darwin wrote in 1859 in his classic 'Origin of Species': survival is not about the law of the fittest, but about the ability to adapt to the situation. That is what we Nyenrodeans can do like no one else, adapting to the situation, meeting the challenge, entrepreneurship and making a success of it.

You could almost say that we have been looking ahead, but the new Nyenrode Alumni platform is ideally suited to maintaining active contact in these times.

On this platform, you can:

  • inform alumni of activities or ask a question (Live feed);
  • post vacancies (Vacancies);
  • share projects (Projects);
  • network actively (The Network);
  • make use of the discounts available to you as a member (Benefits).

In addition, you will find all news items, events, and information about the circles on the platform. Visit the platform, in these times especially, and use the available possibilities!

When it comes to circle meetings and other activities, you will see that the platform clearly reflects the creativity of circle boards and the VCV Alumni Office (AO). Events are going digital! This can be done by selecting 'video conferencing' options. A good example of this is GoToWebinar, made available to the circles by the AO. It is less fun than physical meetings, we probably all agree on that, but it does give us the opportunity to continue to meet each other. In this way, we continue to share information and knowledge with each other. There are still a few events planned for this year. Sign up and participate, because a beautiful association like ours can only continue to exist by continuously adapting to the developments inside and outside of Nyenrode.

Nyenrode Alumni VCV, for and by Nyenrodeans!

Van verre,

Niels Aerts

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