First Online event of Kring Amersfoort-Utrecht was a success!

Tuesday night October 27 Kring Amersfoort-Utrecht successfully organized her first online event.

Besides the fact that a 100% online event was a first for this circle, it was also the very first time that the VCV worked with 'Go To Webinar' software. You can read more about this later on.

Lisette Brattinga-Haker (19900011) took the large group of interested people along with her in answering the - for many very relevant - question: "How do I reach new customers?

It soon became clear that scaling up your marketing activities, online media releases and newsletters will not work if the basis is not right. Lisette explained very understandably, also by means of practical examples, what that basis should consist of. We won't give away everything, but it had to do with the five crucial keys. All five keys were explained in detail and in the meantime one could ask questions via the chat function. Lisette also regularly asked the group questions, which could be answered via the chat. In this way, Lisette was also able to respond to a number of individual examples and give advice. In this way, the participants actively participated in the event. It was also very informative to hear about the industries in which the other participants worked and the challenges they faced. All participants received Lisette's presentation afterwards, along with a recording of the event.

For the board members of the circle, working with Go To Webinar was new. Fortunately, the connection functioned flawlessly, through the received link. There were some differences with MS Teams and Zoom, such as not being able to see the chat responses of the other participants. This made the interaction a bit more difficult at times. The circle will evaluate the tooling possibilities for the next online event (keep Tuesday December 8th free in your agenda!) and discuss them with the VCV.

As board members of Kring Amersfoort-Utrecht we are continuously looking for relevant topics for our events. Also on December the 8th there will be another interesting speaker on the agenda! That evening Reinier Smit (19930993) will take us into the KPI's that do work, that for example promote cooperation, serve customers better and where ambitions can be realized. It promises to be another very informative and practical evening.

Stay safe

Kind regards,

Frans, Jocelyn, Taco, Jessica and Iris

On behalf of Kring Amersfoort-Utrecht

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