Hindsight 2020: the long-term consequences of the corona crisis

Book launch ‘Covid-19: een bevel uit het niets’

On Monday, October 26, Prof. Dr. Leen Paape presented the first copy of the book ‘Covid-19: een bevel uit het niets’ to Prof. Dr. Koen Becking, rector magnificus of Nyenrode Business University since October 1, 2020. In the book teachers and scientists of Nyenrode shine their light on the COVID-19 pandemic. They do so on the basis of their discipline, vision and expertise. The book stimulates the reader to think about the many questions that have suddenly happened to us.

Paape says about the book: "We want to serve people and organizations and in this way help them give substance to responsible leadership".

The book starts from three perspectives: social, financial-economic and digital. In 37 essays, the 54 authors cover the disciplines that characterize Nyenrode as a Business University.

Regular introductions to the essays will be shared in the coming period. The contribution below has been written by Marlies de Vries, academic director of controller programs and Jennifer Kuiper, operational director of controller programs.

Hindsight 2020: the long-term consequences of the corona crisis

It is 2046, the year Nyenrode celebrates its 100th anniversary. Since 2020, education has gone through an enormous transformation, after sometimes forced periods of fully digital education, decades later a balance has been found in hybrid forms of education, which now take place partly online and partly physically. The meeting and didactic conversation between instructor and students remains and where better to do this than on the beautiful Nyenrode estate?

It is a sunny day and in the coach house there is a lecture on the theme of 'controls' for finance professionals. The development of the role of controllers is central to this. In a nutshell, from the perspective of 2046, the most important developments of the decades before are outlined: (i) the transition from performance-oriented, profit maximization and value creation in the short term to value creation in the long term for all stakeholders, (ii) the transition from a profit and loss account with historical data (often in Excel) to technology-driven, forward-looking impact reports and monitoring of risks in the entire chain, and finally (iii) controls that are no longer set up on the basis of the adage 'command and control', but on the basis of the idea of 'sense and response', as a result of which the controls contribute to the intention and agility of organizations.

The lecturer is busy with the lecture on the development of thinking about 'control', when a student notices a reaction...

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