Warm December wishes from Neustadt, DE

Dec 01, 2020

Anne van Gastel - Neustadt


We have been living abroad for almost 30 years and are therefore a bit used to keeping in touch with our family and friends in the Netherlands (the most beatiful country of the world, as I always say). With Corona it has become a lot more difficult, but at the same time easier, because everyone is in the same boat. For example, we organized several virtual wine tastings with friends, sent everyone a box of wine (we live in an excellent wine region in DE) and would then have a nice chat, remenisce and talk about the wines. It then almost feels like we are together. For the coming holidays, we will try to be with our family, even if not easy to bring together students, workers and privatiers "safely" for a few days. We will certainly cook a joint course with the family during a virtual Christmas dinner. With the change of year we will turn on our webcam so that everyone in NL can enjoy our fireworks😉 when we eat our homemade oliebollen.


Stay Optimistic and Van Verre!


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