How are you connecting with your loved ones? - Corina Blokland

Dec 01, 2020

How are you connecting with your loved ones?

The year is coming to an end. And what a year it’s been! I've been trying to think of a word to describe my year and I came up with 'Resilience'. We’ve constantly had to adapt to the circumstances, as individuals, but certainly the economy, healthcare and society as a whole. Everyone had to stretch themselves to some extent, some more than others. Resilience is mainly about our adaptability in the situations we find ourselves in. That ability to adapt is different for everyone, which also makes us all move differently towards the end of this year.

Sinterklaas is just around the corner and Christmas is only a few weeks away. The Christmas trees are flying over the counter early this year, probably because we could do with some extra holiday spirit at home. My lights are already hanging from the balcony as well, to bring some light to these dark days. What I am curious about is how you are going to celebrate the holidays? Small and intimate, online, in stages, outdoors or a sit-1,5-metres-apart-Christmas dinner at home? For this newsletter we have already asked several alumni ‘around the world' how they are going to spend the holiday season. Use our platform to reconnect with old classmates and friends from Nyenrode, share your holiday wishes with them!

When writing this newsletter, I think back to the past weeks in which I experienced two special evenings. The first was the introduction to our new rector Koen Becking. We had an informal get together, with the board of the NCV, JCV and the VAS, and got to know each other better.It was a unique evening and we are very much looking forward to a fruitful cooperation!

The second event was the online Refeshmentday. Because of Corona it was simply not possible to meet each other in real life. The result was an evening with a great line-up, including Bas Kodden, Jeroen Schaling and Ben Tiggelaar. The Alumni Office organized an event in which no less than 168 alumni participated. It tastes like more as far as I'm concerned. Couldn’t make it? In a week's time a summary will be posted on the platform.

This is the last newsletter for this year. On behalf of the Executive Board and the Alumni Office, I would like to wish you Merry Holidays.

Van Verre,

Corina Blokland

Vice President


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