Stay F * cking Positive! An "in your face" campaign run by Salem Samhoud  (19800100), but perhaps exactly what we need in this day and age. In collaboration with artist Selwyn Senatori, Salem started a campaign about positivity in tough times, dedicated to a fundraiser for the Red Cross. Volkskrant magazine even devoted a cover to it!

Most dedicated sustainable start-up. Daphne Pit received this title from the Corporate Vision Magazine for her work in the field of consultancy and sustainbility. Daphne reacts to the honor in this interview!

Diane Zandee, PhD candidate at Nyenrode spoke about circulair economy and decision making processes. Starting at 12min50s. (Dutch clip)

A beautiful interview. Normally, he never participates in news items, 'that's not our place'. 'As a funeral director you have to be present but be invisible at the same time,' says Clemens Bouwens (19970063). At first it took a while to find the right approach, because supporting next of kin via Zoom is simply not possible. And suddenly there were so many restrictions during a funeral, many additional obstacles for a grieving family. 'We have never improvised so much, but sometimes it also brought beautiful things. For example, next of kin received many more letters from people who could not be there, beautiful stories written down that they might not have heard otherwise. ' Source:

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