The new year has started in ‘the new normal’ mode. We continue to do the old new things.

For us as VCV board it means, just like for you, switching, adjusting and making do with the means we have. The new digital platform was not launched a day too late. It immediately became one of our strongest pillars for our community, now that live meetings are suspended.

The upcoming lustrum - Nyenrode has been around for 75 years - is of course a series of gatherings, events and parties in normal times. The homecoming of the homecomings. And it will be again this year, we are  counting on it, but to a greater or lesser extent it will be probably online. With, just to mention that, the great advantage that everyone, anywhere in the world can be there.

As far as we are concerned, the lustrum is all about being grateful for what we have achieved, who we are and that we are still there (Nyenrode has been hanging by a thread in the past). But the lustrum is also about looking 75 years ahead. Out of curiosity, because it is exciting to imagine what is possible, and out of a responsibility towards the generations to come. We are faced with the question: What are we going to do now to prepare the university and its community for a great and sustainable future?

This is about stewardship, one of the three pillars of Nyenrode (the other two are entrepreneurship and leadership). Leaving the world behind better than you found it: cleaner, greener, more equal, fairer, more inclusive.

And this is about us, not about others. As a capable, educated community, with a common language and shared values, we are uniquely placed to take our responsibility and meet this great challenge.

This has to speak to you! That we join forces and discover what we are capable of. Imagine. It will nourish us and make us richer. Who would have thought: from a business school for rich kids to a pioneer and guide for business, education and society. What a small university is capable of. I would say a small university with its own strong identity. And small is relative: we are almost thirty thousand.

We have already started. Here on the platform, the first of 75 stories of Nyenrodeans appear who are working in one way or another with the challenges for a sustainable future. Everyone, with big or small gestures, contributing to a better world. Very inspiring, very infectious. Come and join us. Reach out and look around to see who is reaching out to you.

I wish you a better future!

Joep Stassen (19850083)

Commissioner Stewardship

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