Well, that's like YOUR opinion!

And we would love to hear it! The Nyenrode Alumni Association is on the move, we have big plans to improve the communication with our members. And your opinion is crucial, because after all it is about what YOU need! What kin dof info do you want from us? And how? In the coming weeks, we will be organizing several focus groups, in which we will explain our plans. Are we on the right track, or are we completely missing the mark? Be brutally honest, we can take it.

Who are we looking for? Well, as many different people as possible! The I-am-always-there-ers, the I-only-read-the-magazine-ers, the-I-don't-really-do-anything-with-my-membership-ers, the I-am-VCV -in-heart-and-soul-ers. Do you have an opinion at all? Positive or negative? Share it. We will take it to heart. Want to participate? Respond to this post, or shoot me an e-mail at h.vanbeeckcalkoen@nyenrode.nl.  

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