Dear Nyenrodeans Anywhere In The World,

It is with both a heavy and positive heart that I put pen to paper and write the intro of this newsletter to you, fellow Nyenrodeans. The actions taken against COVID in our country, the countries around us, wherever in the world, are continuing. Our social life is on the back burner, many companies have to do their utmost to stay afloat, to adapt to these times.

The Nyenrode students on and off Campus feel limited in their options. The N.C.V. has a batch of new members who haven't experienced the usual induction period. When I talk to students, I hear that they are having a hard time to find the motivation to study. What was so obvious for years, now suddenly is not.
As my fellow board member Joep Stassen said in the previous newsletter: It is making do with what we have. Fortunately, we as Nyenrodeans are usually very adept at this. Hence my positive heart.

But we do have positive messages aswell, from Nyenrodeans who are looking towards the new year with hope in their hearts, the Chinese New Year that is. After all, our members are spread all over the world.
Despite the limitations, we continue to seek out and share with each other. I start every day with half an hour of online yoga, together with 4 of my Year Club members. A great incentive and we also continue to feel connected to each other. We've felt that for 39 years (first-year BBA students in 1981) so we can take a beating!
And so many Nyenrodeans know how to make a virtue of necessity and find ways to talk to each other and be together. For example, with my sorority Primavera we had great fun doing an online pub-quiz together. Normally we wouldn't come up with such an initiative (we're better at just being in the pub), but it's contagious.
What else has been going on? Last month there were several Circle Meetings online, well attended. People also know where to find each other on the VCV platform. The Alumni Office keepscoming up with new online formats in order to continue to bring the Nyenrode Alumni VCV members together as much as possible. There is an initiative of some former Nyenrodeans "Forward for Good". They do this with 75 stories of Nyenrodeans who are working towards a sustainable future: you can find these stories here!

We, as the board, are thinking about the future. What is the perspective we have for the Association? What will a membership look like in 10 or 20 years? We are also working with the NBU to see how we can jointly serve and unite our Alumni, based on the idea that one and one can be three in some ways. Even in Covid times, life is not at all boring!

From afar!
Nancy Emmens, BBA 1981, MBA 1986
Secretary of the Executive Board of Nyenrode Alumni VCV.

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