Chinese New Year - Marc van Rossem (19810095)

The streets and shopping malls have already been decorated and received an extra thorough cleaning, people are shopping for groceries, and a lot of them. We will also go and visit my wife's family (carrying "red envelopes" for the children, packed with money, which is a well know custom this time of year). On the Chinese New Year itself we eat at home with my in-laws, where we also share the famous “red envelopes”. Normally there is also a lot of travelling going on, but the reduced economy and COVID restrictions have put a damper on this. We will only take day trips to the coast and mountains, although Hong Kong and Macau are still 'locked' for us here in Guangzhou. Unfortunately. My job, teaching classes in Business, Business Ethics, Business Communication, and 'Smart Thinking' fortunately continues, as does my other job: teaching English to children. Luckily, we have never had a “total lockdown” here in Guangzhou, although the schools and catering industry etc. were temporarily closed last year. The weather is also clearing up here, spring is approaching: many people are looking forward to that, they’re ready for some light. But first, the Chinese New Year: a nice mini holiday, a lot of strolling in the streets, shopping, eating out, making day trips, and visiting museums and shopping malls. And afterwards, everyone is ready to go back to work, “job permitting, of course”.

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