Chinese New Year - Marcel J Fennis (20110023) & Yukun Zhou (20110086)

Chinese New Year - Marcel J Fennis (20110023) & Yukun Zhou (20110086)

At the beginning of this year the COVID19 rules for preventing further spreading of the virus were very serious in China. The country went into complete lockdown and at every entrance of any building, compound or area your temperature was taken and your health ID status was checked with an app on your phone. You were not allowed to go out of your house without a mouth cap or you would be fined. Besides the strict regulation the people here in China are seriously afraid of this virus, not only for themselves, but also for their elder relatives who mostly live close by or in their home. Both regulations and the common fear in China made this virus almost completely disappear within a few months. During the summer the restaurants, cinemas, malls and exhibitions were starting to open again, and it was almost business as usual. Our sales went back to normal and surprisingly started to exceed the previous years. We’ve just opened a new gallery in the city center of Shanghai and the Year of the Ox is looking promising. We are sincerely hoping the rest of the world will follow soon. Keep up the good spirit and hold on a bit longer! It will go back to normal. All the best from China, Marcel & Yukun.

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