Chinese New Year - Hasan Akman (20040002)

Chinese New Year is usually the time for me to explore the southern hemisphere of the world. Despite the fact that we started 2021 with newfound courage, it was clear from my return in October - after having been in the Netherlands for eight months - that an international trip with Chinese New Year was not an option. At the beginning of the year, more COVID cases were also found in the north of China, where (parts of) cities were locked. With that came a wave of news reports of measures the Chinese government would take, including the possibility to close provincial borders and mandate quarantine on return. After being in quarantine for 21 days already, and I would like to keep my last bit of sanity, I decided to stay in Xiamen. So, I will have enough time to further explore the city and province, pick up past hobbies (DJ, photography and of course the BBQ), catch up on some reading, and actively prepare myself physically and mentally for the coming year. I also expect my whiskey collection to be a bit smaller. So I see it as a kind of extended weekend!

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