Studying in Times of Corona - Liesbeth Kanis (2014540)

Studying in Times of Corona - Liesbeth Kanis (2014540)
On Books, Teachers and Essential Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is key to professional development. But what does it really mean? You could see it as an approach where life and learning are intrinsically linked. In that sense, learning in life, can take you to unexpected places. Sometimes physically, but many times also fictitiously.

Learning can be natural or within a professional setting, and it can be pretty hard work. Over the last year during the pandemic The 100-Year Life – Living and Working in an Age of Longevity has been fundamentally challenged. What counts is the here and now, and the choices that will impact our future. It is a time for reflection, (un)learning and studying to cope with this future. In absence of role models, and as we invent as we go along, what mentors are our guides?

In the information-laden era we live in it is even more critical than ever to be able to distinguish between quality and misinformation. And in that sense academia and academics continue to play a pivotal role. After an inspiring and versatile professional life in international academic publishing, I currently have the luxury of studying fulltime as a next phase in my professional life.
I find myself in the company of the same academics I have worked with professionally for many years, but now as my teachers and mentors in an online classroom. Many books and articles I use for my study were written by the same academics and published by the company I worked for. The only difference being that now, I actually get to read and study them fully.
Life is full of surprises and serendipity if you take a lifelong learning approach, since you never know who you will (re)connect with on your journey. Be it books, teachers or mentors, who are willing to journey along with you. 
My book recommendation is linked to my studies at Leiden University. It is written by a professional, lifelong learner, and fellow Leiden sinologist, Hendrik Schulte Nordholt, who set-up the (ABN) Amro office in Beijing in the 1980s. His book China and the Barbarians: Resisting the Western World Order (2018), published by Leiden University Press, is a very accessible, must-read for anyone who wants to understand contemporary China in its historical and professional context.

Book Recommendation
Hendrik Schulte Nordholt, China and the Barbarians: Resisting the Western World Order.
Leiden University Press, 2018.
ISBN 9789087282783

Liesbeth Kanis (2014540)
Currently:     China Studies at Leiden University, fulltime
Previously:    Managing Director Brill Asia and Sales-Director Asia-Pacific in Singapore.
Nyenrode:     Leadership Development Program (LDP 7) 2014


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