Dear Alumni,

It is my pleasure to open this edition of our newsletter.

In these first months of the year, we received good news from the new rector Koen Becking, who wants to introduce a collaboration between the university's alumni office and the Nyenrode Alumni VCV. We look forward to establishing this collaboration to promote current and future Alumni. By joining forces, more can be achieved towards the alumni.

Hopefully, everyone has had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful winter weather, with winter fun on the ice, followed by a taste of spring. It was a good start to the year in which we as a board, together with the alumni office, looked toward the future.

Now that our new community manager, Hester van Beeck Calkoen, has had her first four months, we are working hard to optimize our means of communication for promotion of the VCV. Many of you have taken the opportunity to share your thoughts with us through the submitted survey, thank you!

To avoid making assumptions, Hester led several focus groups and shared a survey in which no fewer than 481 participants took part. It is good to see that our magazine and newsletter both score a good 7, respectively 7.5 and 7.1. In addition, it is good to receive more concrete feedback regarding the expectations of our members. This shows that members prefer to read interviews and articles about alumni.

Even though the Board News does not appear to be very popular, only 5% indicate that they can miss it; Fortunately. The idea of ​​putting more time and energy into creating and sharing members' audiovisual pieces is highly praised and not only by the younger members. But we are very aware that members highly value a printed magazine. Over the next few years, the Alumni Office will therefore test which mix works well for all target groups, examining the circulation and content of the magazine and the newsletters and their relationship with the platform and our social media channels. All your ideas are welcome, so stay in touch with us.

Finally, I would like to introduce the theme pieces of this newsletter; We all read more, there is an aspiring writer in almost everone, and yet the book industry is in dire straits. This week was actually meant to be National Books Week, but it has been postponed until further notice. The motto "lifelong learning" is taken to heart by Nyenrodeans, and what better way to gain knowledge than by reading books? In any case, these alumni have a close relationship with the written word, each in their own way.

From Far,

Iris Kisjes (20040411), Commissioner Communication Board NA VCV

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