About healthy snacking, reaching C-level at the age of 30 and finding happiness close to home. Another TumTum is here with Nyenrodeans who caught the eye in the past month! In this edition Joep Stassen (19850083), Rob de Weert (20080103), Jolt Oostra (19580076), professor Lidewey van der Sluis, Esther Schagen - van Luit (20120043), Pieter-Bas Boertje (19820013) and Hans Duijf (19680022) .

Joep Stassen (19850083) was a guest at Op1 to talk about something that is becoming increasingly popular: open water swimming. At -5 degrees. Everytime, there is still reluctance to put that first toe in, but afterwards he isreborn. Who's next? Source: NPOstart.nl

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away; a slogan with which many parents try to get their children to eat fruit. But it is not that easy, because children prefer to reach for the candy jar. The company Fruitfunk has come up with a solution: candy made from 98 percent fruit. "We felt that the candy industry should take its responsibility in offering healthier products," says Rob de Weert (20080103) of Fruitfunk. And what do you do when the industry doesn't go fast enough? Exactly, you do it yourself. Source: Brabants Dagblad.

For years he traveled around the world as a sales manager, ate and drank with the highest officials and trades from Latin America to the Far East. Jolt Oostra (19580076) has had a whirlwind career, but his best memory is very close. 'That is definitely my marriage. I've been so lucky with my lovely wife. ' Read the whole article here.

Lidewey van der Sluis, professor of strategic talent management at Nyenrode: "We are in a cramp". She's not necessarily for women at the top. But for quality at the top. And as an organization you can only achieve that if you go for relational leadership. "So not someone to lecture you from their throne." Source: amweb.nl.

Those who work hard can get far in a short time. Esther Schagen-van Luit (20120043) is living proof of this. She left highschool in 2009 and now - less than twelve years later - she has been promoted to a C-level director at Deloitte at the age of 30, six years after joining the Big Four office. Source: consultancy.nl.

It is the first ray of hope for the event industry in a long time: the start of the pilot events of Fieldlab Events. Pieter-Bas Boertje (19820013) says, no beams, in the weeks leading up to the event: “The government now really wants to work with us to make this possible. They recognize the importance of this industry. Even if it is just for the peace of mind of the people in the country, it is important that these events get going again.” Source: greatervenues.com.

Whatever entrepreneur Hans Duijf (19680022) tries: it either completely fails or it becomes a resounding success. For example, his restaurant Pasta e Basta has been a household name in Amsterdam for 25 years, the place where 1.5 million visitors saw the singing waiters and waving napkins. "I like to create goosebump moments , that's what I'm good at." Source: Parool.nl.

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