Dear Nyenrode alumni,

The finish line seems in sight, but the last mile is always the hardest. As a starting entrepreneur, I can’t wait for all this to be over, business can get back to normal and we can go out again to enjoy a beer with friends. What will be difficult is that we will soon have to find other topics to talk and to complain about.

The thought of a cold beer on the terrace or a cozy, overcrowded cellar bar gets me through these, for many so difficult, times. Therefore, in this newsletter we would like to pay some extra attention to hospitality entrepreneurs in our network. It is clear once again that we Nijenrodians are bursting with creativity and perseverance.

The situation is not only hitting the “grown-ups”, but the students as well. And here too we see great initiatives being started and passed on. An example of this is Student Collective TheFAC, where our near alumni assist entrepreneurs in finding creative solutions to keep their businesses going.

Within the VCV there are more events on the agenda than we were used to in recent months. First of all, the RVA on April 15th, for which I would like to call on all year representatives to attend. Personally, I am really looking forward to the webinar on mental resilience on April 20th, organized by the VAS (Association of Accountancy Students).

Finally, something I am not looking forward too: Metty Willemse is leaving us after 42 years of loyal service to enjoy her well-deserved retirement. Of course, we will not let this go unnoticed. More on that later. For now, I would like to ask you all to leave her with a lifetime of beautiful memories. The Alumni Office explains how you can contribute below in this newsletter.

I wish everyone strength and resilience for the coming months and we will see each other at the Christmas drinks, but preferably much sooner!

Van Verre!
On behalf of the NA VCV board,

Stijn van der Vat (20170829)

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