About the elections, state aid and foreign competition. Here is another fresh TumTum with Nyenrodeans who have caught the eye in recent weeks.
To go from accountancy to politics is not the most logical step to make, but alumna Ojanne de Vries-Chang(MSc & Postmaster Accountancy) did it anyway. Now active for D66 Heerenveen, hopefully in the future in the House of Representatives. "As anaccountant, I see the value of clear frameworks and rules that apply to everyone." Source: accountancyvanmorgen.nl

The Deventer bed manufacturer Royal Auping will pay 1.2 million euros in state aid back that the company received at the start of the corona crisis last year. The bed manufacturer was allowed to keep the money, but believes that it would act against the spirit of the emergency law. Auping ended 2020 with an increase in turnover and higher profits than the year before, when corona was not yet in the picture and the economy was booming. “If we had kept the money, it would not have felt right,” says CEO Jan-Joost Bosman (19960011), who is impressed by the amount of responses the company is getting. “I am very proud. Of the company, all stakeholders, employees, suppliers, shareholders. ” Source: destentor.nl

Calls for a boycott of the World Cup in Qatar are getting louder. A new campaign must also persuade the KNVB to change their point of view. The Cancel Qatar 2022 committee will start an action to have the KNVB speak out on the relocation of the controversial World Cup in Qatar. On Friday morning, March 19, football fans can hand out an orange card on social media to the football association, with the text #Notavailable. A conversation takes place on the social medium Clubhouse with, among others, Edwin Lugt (19810081), former chairman of Go Ahead Eagles, and employees of Amnesty International. Source: Trouw.nl

Dutch dredgers face fierce competition from emerging Chinese dredging companies for projects in Europe. It is seen as unfair dumping by Chinese state-owned companies. "The EU must intervene because this puts Europe's strategic industry in danger, says a dredger. Nyenrode professor Haico Ebbers disagrees, " China is doing exactly the same as what was done here fifty years ago. Source: rtlnieuws.nl


Mastory, a German-Hungarian startup hoping to revolutionize the way students learn math, was recently announced as a winner of the “Balance the Equation: A Grand Challenge for Algebra 1” grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bence Tornai (20180018) says the grant was intended for applicants who could transform the traditional math classroom, targeting specifically Algebra 1, which they see as a gatekeeper to future success. It placed particular focus on reaching Black, Latino, and ESL students in U.S. Title 1 schools, which the education system has been historically imbalanced against. Source: 

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