Marijn van Dijke (20040028) – Klaar voor de toekomst

Marijn van Dijke (20040028) – Klaar voor de toekomst

In March 2020, all our companies closed in one fell swoop. Catering companies, an event location, a cruise company, a cooking studio and a team building company had to recover from the blow for weeks. So then we staerted to put things back together with united forces, we used our creativity to overcome this crisis. From a Drive Thru Restaurant to designing catering apps. We converted the event location to the standards of the going out scene. To top it all off, we developed an online team building game that has already been played by more than 50,000 people. A year later, we look back on a financially dramatic year, but one where we have been incredibly productive. We have done everything we could to survive and as a bonus we are now ready for the future.

Our greatest success in the crisis has been achieved by our company The Box Company which is normally very strong in team building games for large corporates. Together with Nyenrodean Paul Verweijen (20040125) and Pieter van Dijke, we had to come up with a completely different offer. This form of team building usually takes place with large groups of people, so needless to say that we could not continue like this.

This is how our Remote Teambuilding Experience was born, a bull's eye from the start. In the meantime, we have developed a hybrid form so that team building can take place anywhere. This way everyone can always participate.

In addition, with our event location STRND in Breda, we have chosen not to gamble our money on the meters inside, but to place a full beach club outside on the site this summer. The opportunities are outside this summer! This can also be seen in the new outings label Uit Je Plaat, in which small groups can make all kinds of great tours with mobile record players.

Marijn van Dijke (20040028) - Entrepeneur

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