Jaap de Roos (20070803) - Providing insight into the impact of Covid-19

Jaap de Roos (20070803) - Providing insight into the impact of Covid-19

Image 1: An example of one of the pages in the dashboard “Social impact Corona”

COVID-19, the pandemic that has turned the world upside down in almost every way: private life, work, the economy, climate. So this effects us on micro, meso and macro levels. The impact cannot be accurately described, and yet as a society we want to gain as much insight as possible. A number of members of our DataConnected network were involved in this last year, two of which I would like to highlight. DataConnected is a network in the field of Data where clients and contractors, or organizations and professionals, approach each other directly via a platform. On the one hand in the field of projects and assignments, on the other hand in the field of knowledge and training.

In collaboration with the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) and ZonMw, the Dutch organization for health research and care innovation, Easydash has developed a dashboard that provides insight into the social impact of the corona crisis. This dashboard is intended to provide municipalities and government agencies with a good overview of the following themes:

-              Work and Income

-              Mental resilience

-              Education

-              Behaviour

-              Social cohesion

The data used for this dashboard come largely from public sources. For example, they make use of data from the government, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). This public data is supplemented with data supplied from VNG.

The result is a well-organized public dashboard that provides insight into the various themes from various angles. This dashboard is publicly accessible through this link.


Another example is from Viktor Knoben, Elean. In collaboration with the financial department of a municipality, he has drawn up a model that can predict the financial effects of Corona by means of several Monte Carlo simulations (simulation technique). A wide range of variables is included in this. This is, among other things, the duration of a COVID-19 wave, number of waves, number of COVID-19 types (Brazilian, British, Western European, etc.) and the severity of the influences thereof on certain sectors. Due to the principle of this model, small uncertainties in the input, e.g. if it turns out to take longer than expected, are automatically leveled out. The result is a robust model with high accuracy that can be actively adjusted to current movements in order to make an estimate for the municipality for strategic policy and other considerations.

Good data, be it data for health research, or social data, or financial data, and so on, it all contributes to getting the right insights on which we can and will make decisions. This being the case, however, it is important that everyone increasingly becomes a "Data Driven Thinker". This is the theme for 2021 at the Nyenrode VCV - Data Circle. We organize information sessions and at the end of the year a Data Summit for the alumni and their guests. So, you’re very welcome to sign up for the Data Circle and become a data driven thinker! 

Jaap de Roos (20070803)– Board member Data Circle


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