Corina Blokland (20070305) - Freedom


Tomorrow is Liberation Day and this year the theme is "After 75 years of freedom". According to the National Committee May 4th and 5th, it is a year in which we look back and review: Where are we now as a society? And how free will we be in 2021? After a terrible war, hard work was done to rebuild the Netherlands. The foundation that was laid has given us the opportunity to live, work and love as freely as possible. The founders of Nyenrode also contributed here.


Freedom is more relevant than ever. What does it mean to you? And how do you look back? For me it is mainly about "freedom in thinking and doing". We always have to deal with all kinds of influences on our freedom such as legislation, digitization and globalization. And much closer to home things like relationships, work and family, of course. For me, freedom in thinking and acting is mainly about continuing to think within all frameworks, to be creative, to look for the possibilities to do better. For us all!


After 9 years, Jan Bernard Nolst Trenité (19760059) has resigned as chairman of our association. Our thanks are enormous for his efforts, commitment, enthusiasm and how he led the association. I am proud to take over the baton from him and, as the new chairman, to have the opportunity to further build the future of our association. A future where we feel free to express ourselves, grow, connect and help each other. That as an association we are a place where everyone feels at home, matters and is allowed to be there. That we listen to each other's ideas, we strengthen each other and have respect for other opinions. Will you build with us?


In the coming months we hope that there will be more space to meet face to face. Until then, our circles will remain (mainly) active in organizing online events. The homecomings are also online for a while. Incidentally, this also offers the opportunity for international alumni to be present. Year 1956 is a good example of this. You can read more about this on our platform. You will also find an overview of all upcoming events.


I wish everyone a nice month of May with a lot of freedom in thinking and doing. In this newsletter you can read how a number of alumni contribute to at least increase our freedom of movement in times of Corona in all kinds of ways.



Van Verre,



Corina Blokland (20070305)

Chair of the Board of NAVCV

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