Seasoned debater Alexander Pechtold questions ambassadors on ethical matters in the BNNVARA program 'De achterkant van het gelijk' (Loosly translated as 'Behind what is right'). Alumnus Wouter Jurgens (19890078) was Dutch ambassador to Myanmar for several years. Amongst other, he answers the question "what do you do if your son is arrested by the local police?" Cutting edge diplomacy, which can be seen via

Tom van Rijn (19790518) started in 1997 from Budel with an ailing company in steel constructions. The adventure was the start of a life's work. Almost 25 years later, Van Rijn (64) sells an internationally operating industrial group with fourteen companies and 650 employees to investment company Gilde. Source:

On Friday, April 16, Nienke Albracht(Nyenrode Postmaster accountancy) took the professional oath for accountants. “It was very special to take the oath. It felt like a milestone and it was also a moment to look back on the journey I had taken. To realize how much I have learned and how much I have grown. What nice people I got to know and how much fun I had. And that I persisted. Even in times when it was very tempting to throw in the towel. I am happy and proud! ” Source:

Friends help winegrower Nicole Messer(20000091) and her husband Bertjan through the corona crisis: 'It is heartwarming that people look after you!' Nicole and Bertjan have been living their ultimate dream since 2017. In that year they bought 7 hectares of vineyard in Thésée, a village in the middle of France. The moment the enormous investments should start to pay for themselves, the corona crisis suddenly hit. "We owe it to our friends that we are still here." Source:

No one could have missed the hundreds of meters of ship that was stranded for days in the Suez Canal. The Ever Given also transported cargo from the Koninklijke Dekker timber trade, owned by alumnus Robbert Jan Dekker (19870026). The contribution to the salvage costs is not the problem, says Dekker. "We have insurance to cover that," he says. He has other concerns about the twelve containers of wood shipped by the Ever Given. 'As long as this does not lead to further delay in the arrival of the containers.' He fears that a high stakes game will commence between ship owner Shoei Kisen Kashai, shipping company Evergreen and insurers about claims. Source:


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