Hans Mulder (20010104) - The changes are unmistakable

Hans Mulder (20010104) - The changes are unmistakable

The changes in the automotive industry are unmistakable, you can't ignore them anymore. Every self-respecting car brand incorporates sustainability in its strategy, or better yet, has it as its highest priority. The subject is considered so important because of its own sense of responsibility and urgency, but also, and this is obvious from a business technical point of view, because the market demands it.

With our company, we are working on sustainability in two ways. On the one hand with things like solar panels on our Van Poelgeest dealer premises, green roofs, insulation etc. We take those kinds of measures very seriously.

On the other hand, our business model is changing. We've noticed that the demand for electric cars and hybrid cars has skyrocketed in recent years. I am very happy that with BMW we represent a brand that is very progressive and invests a lot in sustainable technologies. It started with the all-electric i3 in 2013 and now we have a whole lineup of electric and hybrid models at both BMW and MINI.

The trend from owning to using is also getting stronger. Mobility needs are now really different, people want flexibility and freedom of choice. The time when you bought an estate car for that one summer vacation a year is over. Or that your car would sit on the sidewalk unused for half the year. We certainly have discussions with various stakeholders about this; we are of course close to the demand from consumers and business customers. Many companies have a clear policy on sustainability and that includes an electric and/or hybrid fleet.

BMW's credo is 'the power of choice': the consumer decides which motorization they want, all of which BMW supplies. It is up to the customer and what is appropriate for the use. Currently, this is moving more and more in the direction of electric.

In addition, use instead of ownership, which means that car sharing and other mobility solutions are also offered.

For us, this means that we are increasingly gearing our company to this demand for flexibility. We are already working together with a number of partners, particularly in urban areas.

Together with the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands has traditionally played a pioneering role in sustainability issues of this kind. We must take that role seriously, because then we can actually achieve something with that influence.

Hans Mulder (20010104) - Director BMW & Mini Van Poelgeest Amsterdam

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