Sponsor proposition reprint Donald Duck Schreyenrode

Dear VCV Members,

My name is Max Kortman and I am a 22-year-old student at Nyenrode who has a great love for the beautiful Donald Duck magazine. When I found out that a 2017 Schreyenrode edition featured Nyenrode, I thought that every Nyenrodian should be able to get such’an issue in his/her possession.

This original 2017 edition is no longer available. Therefore, I went to see if a reprint could be arranged. The great news is that Donald Duck has responded positively to this and that a reprint appears to be possible, as long as the costs are already covered through an presale.

This promises to be a unique limited edition. We plan to reprint 10,000 copies of Schreyenrode. In this special edition, 4 pages’s have been set aside for sponsors/advertisers. A total amount of € 40,000.00 is needed to start printing. Only when this amount is reached, there will definitely be a green light to start printing. Unfortunately, this means that at this moment we cannot say when this publication will be finally reprinted, but we are all working very hard to get this done as soon as possible.

Sponsorship packages
We have a number of sponsorship packages available:

  • Source sponsor package € 1,000, - excluding VAT – you are 1 of 10 advertisers with a Logo block on a 1/1 page fc. Incl. 10 copies per sponsor
  • Silver sponsorship package € 4,500, - excluding VAT – you get ½ page in this special edition Incl. 50 copies per sponsor
  • Gold sponsorship package € 9,000, -* excluding VAT – you get 1/1 page in this special issue Incl. 100 copies per sponsor

*If you decide to sponsor with a whole page én the first 2,000 copies are sold, then as a sponsor with the Gold package you will receive a credit note of Euro 3,000,- ex VAT!

If you have other ideas for sponsorship or support for this process, please let me know!

  • 1/1 pag. fc. is 180 mm wide x 260 mm high (& 5 mm extra all around for bleed)
  • ½ page fc. is either 180 mm wide x 130 mm high or 90 mm wide x 260 mm high
  • All advertisements certified pdf, magazine profile as per media specifications.
  • All logo’s as .eps files.

The remaining 9,600 copies will then be available for sale for E. 10 each to VCV members, alumni and Nyenrodians. Later printing is also possible.

Not possible advertisements (because it is still a magazine for children): drink, sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, medicine, food supplements lotteries/gambling, funeral and unhealthy food. Basically, all communications are submitted to Donald Duck for approval.



This is a unique opportunity to become immortalized in the limited edition Schreyenrode Donald Duck! We hope you also find this a cool project and idea and would like to advertise.  

We look forward to successful collaborations!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Max Kortman
Telefoonnummer: +31 6 17 71 65 57
E-mail: max@rappange.net of m.kortman@my.nyenrode.nl

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