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Oele Steenks
Oele Steenks

Dear alumni, after my first full round as editor-in-chief, I can assure you of one thing, Van Verre magazine is alive and well in the experience of our VCV alumni. It is heartwarming to work with so many successful Nyenrodians who are willing to give their best in interviews and their own contributions.

To pick up on the last one, we are going to approach Nyenrodians abroad more actively in the new section Alumni From Far Away. Do a search once through the VCV website using Google Maps, and you will see that alumni do business on all continents and in many world cities. Those people are the DNA of the international business education that Nyenrode offers. And these alumni themselves write articles about life and challenges in their places of employment. For example, in this issue we have contributions from Rio de Janeiro, Rome and Moscow.

Faithful readers of the magazine will note that the content is much closer to current events. The Netherlands was rocked by a flood disaster in Limburg and what turns out? One of the administrators of the Limburg water board is alumnus Remy Sleijpen. He talks about the 24/7 battle against the unpredictable water that flows into our country from Belgium and Germany. Remy had not yet recovered from his exciting days when he was already speaking to the magazine! We have Leadership in the post-coronation era as the main theme with interviews on adapted leadership during the pandemic and on leading to the ‘new normal.’ Without a doubt the experiences of Frans Leenaars, CMO of travel giant TUI, are gripping. His business collapsed like a plum pudding! It became a question of surviving and fighting back.

I am pleased with the contribution of Prof. Dr. Bas Kodden of the Nyenrode faculty. He addresses ten statements about leadership in the post-COVID era. It is good that alumni can get acquainted with our scientific leaders and their expertise.

To do justice to the sporting nature of Nyenrodians, we bring you some surprising stories around the European Football Championships and the recent Olympic Games. NOC*NSF project manager Jan Vlasblom appears to be the driving force behind Sportarbitrage Nederland, the initiative to raise the arbitration of matches to a higher level for some’twenty sports – including soccer –. Read about his decisiveness and international recognition! And advertising consultant Norbert Pollemans takes us behind the scenes of sports marketing.

Jeanine Holscher

Last but not least: we are starting a new series of interviews with female CEO’s under the label TOPVROUW. The new CEO of Blokker is Jeanine Holscher. In a sparkling conversation she explained how her leadership style breaks through the glass ceiling. Learn how she laid the foundations at Nyenrode to be successful in the male-dominated society that the retail business was for a long time. So alumni, read this No. 289 issue of Van Verre magazine immediately, either in print or on screen. Starting from early October.

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Oele Steenks, hoofdredacteur

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