Menno Broos Vice Chairman
Main board

The corona crisis is certainly not over yet, but we are slowly starting to draw up a balance sheet. It should be noted that this crisis is primarily a health crisis that has claimed many lives and is disrupting society. But we seem to have it somewhat under control, or at least have learned to live with it, and one of the signs of that recovery is that the economy is indeed rebounding. Very essential questions that affect the personal sphere of life remain: how do I deal with the new normal, how do I keep in touch with loved ones, what can I do safely and what not. That uncertainty will continue for some time.

Our association will also have to learn lessons from this. We were thrown back to what is really important and have learned to appreciate that again: one's own health, one's family and really good friends, at home. No more ‘social obligations’ and long trips, working from home as the new norm. That worked for a short time and after that it still itches. People are social animals and get energy and inspiration from all those spontaneous and surprising contacts that you normally encounter. That remains a great opportunity for Nyenrode Alumni, to continue to make that possible. You could also say that our ‘reason d’etre’ still stands like a house.

Another lesson is that virtually much is possible, but certainly not everything. It is wonderful to see how many circles still managed to organize online events, to keep inspiring, without physical contact being possible. Big compliments for that. Also the members' meeting (RVA), or at least some of the more ‘formal’ parts of it, went fine online. Even a convertible day or Refreshment day can be organized in the 'anderhalvemetereconomie'. And this is where the value of our online platform became apparent. And at the same time, so many things can't be done either, or with limitations: get-togethers, homecomings, a lustrum party, informal contacts. It will take some time to find the right form with all the measures that are still in place, but we will commit ourselves as a board to make maximum use of the opportunities that are available. To meet again at Nyenrode or elsewhere. At such a great Golf event like last week! And here's an early announcement: the VCV Christmas drinks will be held on 14 December, as always in the Ridderzaal of the castle!

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