Partly thanks to the alumni involved, the Nyenrode Fund Foundation is able to offer young talent the opportunity to follow a study program at Nyenrode through scholarships each year. SNF works closely with the involved alumni and the program management of the program in this process. In the selection process the motivation, capacity and the financial situation of the student are critically examined.

I am therefore pleased to report that this academic year we have awarded four scholarships to full-time MSc students. The scholarships were forgiven on behalf of several donors.  For the 1953 batch, we selected a student who met the criteria set by them. The 1958 batch already has ‘laureates’ who help to select what they consider to be the most suitable candidate. In addition, for the first time, the Miša Džoljić Scholarship has been awarded to young female talent and also the American Friends for Nyenrode (AFNU), on behalf of alumnus Alexander Roepers, have provided a scholarship to a promising student who is following the full-time MSc program in Amsterdam. Finally, a number of international students from India and Taiwan of the program management also received a scholarship that makes it possible for them to follow the full-time MSc at Nyenrode.

Lichting 1976 has again succeeded in bringing together a BSc-scholarship. They have selected themselves from several applications an undergraduate student who meets their scholarship criteria and whom they will support for the next three years to realize his dreams and ambitions.  Besides this scholarship, three other program scholarships have been awarded to young Bachelor talent. We are confident that from their diverse backgrounds, they will make a tremendous contribution to an optimal study environment for the BSc program over the next three years.

We are also pleased to announce that we have awarded the Jan Bots Scholarship, for talented new Dutch nationals who wish to study Accountancy or Controlling, to a young man of Egyptian nationality. Thanks to this financialële support, he started the Pre-Master Accountancy in August. SNF worked closely with the UAF on this project: a foundation dedicated to the development of refugee students and professionals and their integration into the Dutch labor market.
And last but not least, also this year the ‘RoNemba’ scholarship was awarded to a Fulltime MBA student in Amsterdam.

All of these wonderful scholarships show the strength of the Nyenrode alumni network and we realize that alumni are the best ambassadors for Nyenrode. In addition, the scholarships contribute to a more diverse and international study climate at Nyenrode.
We realize how important it is not only to work together but also to give more back to our donors by offering them lectures, dinners, etc. This way we can meet each other more often and contribute to the development of our society. In this way we meet each other more often and contribute to ‘life long learning’! This lustrum year will kick off with this new donor program. Anouk Reitsma, Fundraising, Nyenrode Fund Foundation

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