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The Nyenrode Alumni VCV magazine Van Verre No. 289 can appear on your screen or drop into your mailbox at any moment. It has become a beautiful edition with Jeanine Holscher (19830037), CEO of Blokker, on the cover. She is currently all the rage as the Mirage Retail Group, of which Blokker is the flagship, is about to apply for a stock exchange listing. She is candid about balancing in a man's world and her personal success by remaining primarily herself ‘in business.’

Also special is the interaction with the faculty of Nyenrode Business University. In the context of the central theme ‘Leadership in the postcoronation era’ Prof. Dr. Bas Kodden addressed ten propositions that I was able to present to him. The result is a dynamic discussion. I am revealing the first two propositions and Bas Kodden's incisive responses. The rest is coming to you!

1: The pandemic has brought about a different approach to leadership.
Prof Dr Bas Kodden: "I don't want to speak of a different approach. The pandemic did place more importance on certain forms of leadership because there was less physical contact and opportunities for observation. Managers needed and need to be able to let go and steer more towards results, in which the explicit appreciation and compliments for achieved results and efforts have become even more important."
2: In a severe crisis situation, mental resilience, self-confidence and physical endurance have become success factors for a CEO.

Prof Dr. Bas Kodden: "Mental resilience and physical endurance are crucial not only for CEO’s in severe crisis situations, but for all of us. And not only in crisis situations. The world is permanently uncertain. For all of us the following applies: vitality is crucial, go and keep exercising. Preferably every day! And yet specifically for CEO’s: if I ééve learned one thing from fifteen years of entrepreneurship it is the realization: ‘It’s always Storming’ to put it in Tuckman’s terms! On top of that, too much self-confidence can even be very dangerous, especially for CEO’s. Far too many people have far too much self-confidence, I sometimes say. Not so much self-confidence (the confidence in your being), but self-efficacy (confidence in your strengths) is the key to sustainable performance. Knowing what you can do, but especially knowing what you can't do. Surround yourself with people who are good at the things in which you are less and allow dissent. Winning is only valuable if you can repeat it. Often the key to past success is the pitfall for future success. ‘What got you here, won’t get you there’ (quote Marshall Goldsmith). Dare and learn to change."

Oele Steenks (19720057), editor-in-chief

I wish the Nyenrode alumni lots of reading pleasure!

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Oele Steenks (19720057)

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