Of course, September is the month when everything starts up again after the summer, but for many Nyenrode alumni, September is the month of coming back. In the past few weeks we have welcomed several years in Breukelen. Some had not seen each other in years ("What grey heads here!" someone exclaimed), while others came together for their annual meeting. Not seen for years, or never really been away: the atmosphere was immediately good again. Before the first cup of coffee was finished, tall tales and old nicknames were flying around the room. 

Each year the program was different, with guest appearances by, among others, Rector Koen Becking, BSc/MSc program director Carlijn Wentzel and various members of Heeren V.

On the photo: 

  • NOIB 1960 (top left)
  • NOIB 1958 (top center)
  • NOIB 1970(bottom left)
  • NOIB 1953(bottom center)
  • IDP 4 (far right)
  • .

Not on the photo:

  • NOIB 1971 
  • Zoom homecoming of 1956

And the party is not over yet, because homecomings will take place again in October. In fact, the 1st one has already been from IDP5 (see photo below). Welcome back everyone!

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