Nancy Emmens, secretary HB

Dear Nyenrodians everywhere,

What a beautiful September month we have had! As an alumni association we were able to present ourselves with various activities at that beautiful castle on the Vecht. In addition, we are working hard to establish a good and sustainable cooperation with Nyenrode Business University.
The approach to this collaboration is that by joining forces we will organize a shared Alumni Office and joint communication and activities towards alumni. A step into the future, with (even) more attention for recent alumni, for life long learning and integration of fundraising activities and while maintaining the pillars, to be connected in terms of career, network and personal development. With the large dose of entrepreneurship and optimism that is inextricably linked to us. We will also keep you informed of developments via the Annual Representatives.

Back to all the activities that took place this past month: in addition to Kring activities around the country and beyond, there have been several Homecomings this past month, see below in this newsletter for photos, who knows you might spot an old friend!

In September, we and the Board welcomed a large number of volunteers from the Nyenrode Alumni VCV to the ‘Volunteer Thank You Day’. After all, we have been running so well for decades as an association with almost 6000 members because it is ‘For alumni - By alumni’. The involvement of many members is great. So high time to put the volunteers in the spotlight.

New students also arrived on Campus in September. We are in regular contact with the incumbent boards of the N.C.V. and are seeing a very active and engaged Heeren V this year. Elections for the Heeren V are set to begin in a few months.

And what’s cooking, what's coming up in the next little while? The Refreshment Day, which will take place live on Friday, November 19. There are also a lot of Circle activities coming up; that remains largely the backbone of the association, the opportunity to participate in substantive activities in your field and to network.
At the Alumni Office we are going to welcome Liselotte van Dedem, she will be our new Social media & Community manager.

In October everyone will receive a new VCV magazine on the mat or in the mailbox, with the theme Leadership in the Post-COVID era. Our brand new editorial team, led by Oele Steenks, has taken care of this new magazine.

In addition, the preparations for the XVth lustrum of the NBU and VCV are already in full swing. We hope to see you soon at ééone of our many activities,
From afar,

Nancy Emmens,

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