On November 3, another exhibition curated by Art Fund Nyenrode will be opened; already the 16th since its inception at the end of 2014.

For the second time it concerns a selection from the magnificent private collection of alumnus Henk de Heus and his wife Victoria de Heus – Zomer. The exhibition shows shows work from the De Heus couple's majestic collection. Since the early nineties they have been seeking their artistic challenges in discoveries by initially contemporary Dutch and now mainly Chinese artists. Previously they exhibited in Singer Laren, Belvédère Heerenveen and Boymans van Beuningen Rotterdam. And in 2015/2016 also in the Albert Heijn building at Nyenrode.  

This exhibition is on view at Nyenrode until the end of May 2022. Registration for a tour can be made at www.artfundnyenrode.nl

Tang Yongxiang, 2015
Yesim Akdeniz Graf, 2007


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