The Battle of the Titans: What to learn from Failed Acquisitions

KraftHeinz vs Unilever

From different leadership perspectives, Margot Schumacher will take you through the case of KraftHeinz vs Unilever. What happened? Why did this acquisition fail, even though the business case was solid and the investors were generous?  

Who were the most important players and what were their blind spots? Why did it make sense for KraftHeinz, but not for Unilever? Did corporate governance play a role? And what happened with these companies after the failed acquisition? During this interactive evening, you will be stimulated in what you can learn personally in your role as a leader in your organization.

Are you ready for an interactive evening, to learn about this failed acquisition and are you ready to network again [in the flesh] on the Nyenrode Campus? Then check out the details and sign up quickly via the Nyenrode Alumni platform (make sure you are logged in) for this event on the 10th of November. There is a limited number of places available.

Hope to see you on the 10th of November!

Kring Utrecht-Amersfoort
Frans, Jocelyn, Taco, Iris and Jessica

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