Oele Steenks (19720057), editor-in-chief

Dear Alumni,

Our Nyenrode Alumni VCV magazine Van Verre has not long ago fallen on your doormat or you have read edition No. 289 on your screen. Of course I hope you liked Van Verre new style. In the meantime the editorial team is busy preparing the content of edition no. 290 for the layout process under the direction of our talented art director Roos Jonker-ter Kuile.

The theme of the ‘Christmas issue’ is Investing and Wealth. Hopefully alumni have been able to benefit from the favorable price development of the AEX and other stock market indexes. We speak with the CEO of Euronext Amsterdam alumnus Drs. Simone Huis in ’t Veld who is the first woman to lead our national stock exchange. She quickly created a furore with seventeen new listings. Incidentally, she makes it clear that investing is mainly a question of endurance. She has no liking for popular apps that fool the youth into thinking they are investing. Seasoned investors like alumni Edwin van der Plas / investment fund Aureus and Martien van Winden / investment fund Hoofbosch emphasize the fact that investing is a matter of studying the market and choosing companies that show stable returns.
That does not change the fact that anyone can start investing, as Nyenrode students Bart van Campenhout and Olivier van Dijk argue, who work together on the Investors Academy. So that means investing for beginners. Nyenrodian Nick Bortot, founder of investment platform BUX, also operates in the ‘popular-investing.’
category. We also speak with Drs. Willemijn Verloop, who with her Rubio Impact Ventures manages a fund of no less than 150 million euros, which she has raised among professional investors and with the European Investment Bank for investing in companies that change the international value chain, to improve working conditions and climate.
Incidentally, much of the money for impact investments comes from wealthy Dutch families, who are advised by ‘family offices’ such as Guidato, which is headed by alumnus Drs. Marijke Kuijpers. Mr. Otto Beelaerts van Emmichoven also assists wealthy Dutchmen on the arrangement of financialële affairs for the benefit of charities, in addition to succession issues and inheritances.

I assume that we have already sparked your curiosity. There will be much more to read in the ‘Christmas edition’. I'll be happy to update the alumni on that in a future newsletter!

Van Verre!
Oele Steenks (19720057)
Chief editor

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