Beste Nyenrode alumni,

Dear Nyenrode alumni,

After having been on the board for more than six months, I was given the honor to write a short piece about what I do and what I see is happening in the associations and university. Especially since we must keep our doors closed as much as possible in the next three weeks, I took the time to do so.

I would like to kick off with a milestone for many, including myself. Last September 18, the second group of bachelor students graduated - after a tragic break from the bachelor program. As the youngest member of the board, I was shining on stage as well. Our beaming faces soon showed broad and proud grins when it became clear that the alumni office had made the effort to give the fresh graduates a little something in the form of VCV champagne glasses. Thank you very much for that! VCV champagne glasses

Despite the current difficult times, it is becoming increasingly clear how creative and solution-oriented – future - Nyenrodeans actually are. This is not only reflected by the plans made within the NCV to come up with an adapted form for the stunt week, in the JCV where students have been constantly looking for opportunities for entertainment in the form of a gala, but also within the alumni network with various initiatives and changes in earning models.

The VCV too has had to settle and tune in to its sense of responsibility in recent months. For example, it was decided early on to have all VCV-related events take place digitally. From Council of Representatives meetings to homecomings and from refreshment-day to the events organized by our circles. Thanks to enormous efforts from different people, this has taken shape and even I, as a critical millennial, am enormously proud of what the events look like now. In my opinion, the expression of ‘just making do' is no longer appropriate.

A great example of this is an initiative to give the homecomings more 'body' and spice it up a bit. We do this by organizing online tasting session, thanks to Hooghoudt (Dutch Gin manufacturer). During their online, live master classes you will learn all about Hooghoudt's interesting and outspoken Dutch gins and the history of the family business. Obviously, this is accompanied by a sample pack of 4 Dutch gins. *

The refreshment day has been given a totally new look as well and this is something I am really looking forward to. The event will take place online on November 25 and for more information, please check the platform next week under the heading 'events'. If I can believe all the stories I hear and what the organization is saying, this will be a resounding success and a non-brainer to latch on to. 

Another item that stands out is how well Nyenrode has currently done its best to make the transition to online. A transition and implementation for which I say wholeheartedly ‘hats off’. We are well on our way with our online events but looking at the past online open day for the BScBA - which was arranged within 1 day-, I am even more inspired.

Finally, I would like to wish our new team member of the Alumni Office, Hester van Beeck Calkoen, a lot of fun and success in her new position as Community Manager. In addition to the fact that she will get moving with the platform, I am incredibly happy that the team is complete again. Thank you for your new energy and we will see you soon, even though it might still be online only.

Stay safe and van Verre!


Commissioner Students and Young Professionals


* The cost for all this is € 14.95 per person only, including shipping. You can register here. In 2020, we still have spots available on October 15, November 12 and December 10 (always on Thursdays, starting 20.00)".




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